FlyWing RC Airwolf Helicopter V3

Master the Skies with the : A Perfect Blend of Style and Performance

Take to the Air with the : An Effortless Blend of Design and Capability

Introducing the world of remote-control helicopters, where fanatics strive tirelessly to achieve the perfect harmony between fashion and function. Presenting the , an absolute gem that promises an unmatched flying experience while equally paying respect to the legendary Airwolf. Come along as we explore its unique qualities, flying abilities, and true appeal, which make it an essential purchase for fans of RC helicopters as well as fans of the Airwolf film.

Key Features

  1. GPS Flight Controller: The FlyWing V3 simplifies the flying experience with its GPS-based flight controller, makes it suitable for pilots of all skill levels. With features like automatic take-off, landing, and a failsafe return-to-home function, the Airwolf V3 ensures a smooth and enjoyable flight. Additionally, the new GPS does not need the compass calibration dance anymore, making setup hassle-free.
  2. Authentic Bell 222 Airwolf Shell: Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of Airwolf with the scaled Bell 222 helicopter shell. The V3 version comes with clear windows, adding a touch of realism to your helicopters overall real looks.
  3. Optimized Airflow and Cooling: The V3 comes with strategically placed vents in the shell to improve airflow, thus effectively cooling the speed controller, motor, and electronics during flight. This design not only boosts performance but also extends the helicopter’s lifespan.
  4. Flexible Options to purchase: Whether you prefer instant take-off with the Ready-to-Fly (RTF) version, or customization with the Plug-and-Play (PNP) option, or converting an existing FW450 V3 with the kit option, the FlyWing V3 has it all for your preferences.
  5. High-Performance Electronics: Equipped with a 60A ESC featuring enhanced MOSFETs, the FlyWing V3 delivers top-notch performance. Coupled with the new GPS system, this electronic setup guarantees efficient flight experience. No more smelly burning ESCs anymore. Fly it with peace of mind.

Flight Characteristics:

isn’t just about its stunning appearance; it’s simply a joy to fly it. Its flight performance is stable and reliable, coupled with a variety of intelligent flight modes such as auto figure 8 and circle flight modes for hands free flights. For seasoned pilots, the 3D mode unlocks a power of scaled aerobatics, allowing for more agile aerial maneuvers. Make sure though you have skills to do that. or else you will crash it easily.

My Sincere Findings after a year or more of FlyWing RC Airwolf versions: After a year or more of flying FlyWing RC Airwolf Helicopters myself in various versions, I’ve discovered plenty of insights that have truly shaped my perspective. This helicopter has come a long way. From its early model to its current V3 version, it has received significant improvements in electronics, mechanics design, its shell appearance and its improved flight performance. Whether you are beginner pilot or seasoned pilot, you can throw in your style of flying and this helicopter will just do it.

Though still there is much more to be improved in this helicopter, like more scaled rotor head, more scaled appearance touch and long awaited, most demanded retracts options. not to mention the cosmetics or accessories that real airwolf had. for now you can find those here. these are my own designed 3d printed accessories for RC Airwolf helicopters. you can 3d print and use these in your airwolf proudly. Check out my videos featuring GPS RC Helicopters Video Playlist here.

GPS RC Helicopters here.

Ease of Setup, and Flight Pleasure:

The FlyWing Airwolf V3 will immediately capture your attention with its charm. Setting it up is a breeze, and to help many out there, I’ve posted a collection of video tutorials on my youtube channel. These tutorials serve as a comprehensive guide, showingthe best settings for helicopter parameters and detailing the setup process with the Radiomaster TX16s Opentx and edgetx for all required and offered flight modes.

Areas for Improvement:

While the FlyWing Airwolf V3 stands as a superb RC model, my experience with this helicopter has uncovered areas where improvements could make the overall experience even better. for instance, Inside the fuselage, the addition of extra supports from the side of the inner shell, coupled with a carbon fiber base plate, has the potential to enhance stability and significantly reduce in-flight vibrations. Those dreaded ground resonence issue can easily be bypassed using the above improvement. These improvments if implemented by the factory, could mark a big change and huge improvement forward in the FlyWing airwolf V3’s performance.

Stability for all Skill Levels:

One consistent findings i have for flywing Airwolf V3, is the helicopter’s remarkable flight stability. From beginners making their first flights to seasoned pilots pushing the boundaries of this helicopter, the FlyWing Airwolf V3 offers a stable and enjoyable flying experience all the way. This makes it a standout choice for pilots of all skill levels.

Personalized Touch with 3D-Designed Accessories:

Adding a personal touch to the FlyWing airwolf V3, I’ve designed Airwolf accessories for you to enjoy as well. These downloadable accessories allow users to print and customize their helicopters, adding an extra layer of realism to your stunning airwolf helicopter.

Optimizing Speed and Precision:

For experienced pilots seeking higher speeds of 80kmph or more, i have found and posted my best helicopter parameter settings. these can achieve a steady and precise flight. but to make your airwolf fly as per your flight taste you gotta go through a trial and error method to find those sweet settings that you have been looking for.

FlyWing Airwolf lV3 is truly an exceptional model. It flies with true captivating presense. The FlyWing RC Airwolf Helicopter V3 is not just a model; it’s a masterpiece that gets attention. It’s the perfect fit for Airwolf movie fans and RC helicopter enthusiasts alike. From its ease of use for all skill levels to its high performance flight, easy repair and maintenance, and extended flight times, the FlyWing airwolf V3 takes its place as an absolute must have in the collection of any RC helicopter collector and pilot.

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