Liven up Your Off-Road Trailing Adventures with the HG TRASPED 1/16 Scale RC SUZUKI JIMNY Rock Crawler

Liven Up your RC Trailing Adventures

1/16 Scale RC SUZUKI JIMNY Rock Crawler

Introduction – LEgend of Suzuki Jimny Lives

Start a joyful 4WD RC off-road adventure with the . This sweet RC vehicle promises an immersive experience, offering cutting-edge technology with realistic design elements, with the spirit of the legendary Suzuki Jimny in radio control world

Drive it, Love it, Keep it


The HG4-53 TRASPED offers an impressive list of features, with a fun RC experience for rc drivers:

  • Independent suspension
  • High-speed motor
  • 2.4GHz radio control with Smoke system, sound system, and LED light control in your hands
  • Proportional throttle and steering control for a realistic driving experience
  • Big torsion gearbox
  • Block battery easy to replace and charge by USB-C
  • Independent smoke system
  • LED light control system
  • Simulated engine sound system
  • Ladder chassis frame resembling a real Jimny

Scaled Details

At first glance, the HG4-53 TRASPED catches eyes, with its authentic design and superb attention to detail. Key features include:

  • Functioning doors, boot, and bonnet
  • Moveable side mirrors and wipers (front and rear)
  • Highly detailed dashboard and interior design mirroring a real Jimny
  • Detailed stickers provided
  • Realistic, highly detailed, and functional trailer for carrying off-road props
  • Realistic usable spare tire

Driving Performance

The driving performance of the HG4-53 TRASPED is nothing but an absolute joy. The 4WD system ensures stability on various terrains, and the simulation engine sound adds a touch of realism to every drive. The LED lights and a smoke system further improves the overall driving experience, However, it’s important to note that due to its small size, small tires, and motor power, it may struggle with more challenging terrains and specially if you drive it on sand, it will get stuck easily.

Personal Experience:

Having tested the HG HG4-53 TRASPED, it proved to be a fun vehicle to drive and play with. driving on challenging terrains dirt, gravel, stones, hard surfaces, and grass areas, its a joy to drive, thanks to its responsive controls and 4WD features. The simulation engine sound, smoke system, and realistic LED lights, scale details add authenticity, making it a must-have for any RC off road driver, speciallly suzuki jimny lovers.

Cons I found:

While the HG4-53 TRASPED is good on various terrains, it faces challenges in sandy conditions due to its weight and small tires. The sound system, also is kind of repetitive sounds but not authentic engine sounds that change with the throttle and speed.

Its a bit heavy and thus feels underpowered at times specially when pulling a trailer.

its Unable to move in sands, it does require modified 3d printed sand tires

it can not do proper rock crawling.


In conclusion, the is a good choice for rc drivers, especially Suzuki Jimny fans. With its features, realistic design, and driving performance, this vehicle delivers on its promise of your rc adventure.

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