Strong GoPro Hero Action Camera Clamp and Case for Bicycles and RC Helicopters

3d Print and use this strong, simple yet very useful GoPro Hero Action Camera Clamp and Case. Clamp is universal and will fit all Action cams easily. Case is specifically designed to fit GoPro Hero 9-11 cameras.

Clamp diameter is 37mm, fits perfectly on thick tail booms of 700 Size helicopters like GooSky RS7 and others. or your bicycle. it Can be used to fit lights and cameras and other equipment on bicycles and motorcycles as well. any tube that is 37mm it will fit perfect. any tube less diameter you can use rubber or other stuff to fit clamp on.

clamp uses standard screws and nut for action cameras.

Enjoy and share the model with others.


print with 3 walls and 15% infill for stronger results.

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