About Mansoor Ali

Meet Mansoor Ali, “aka AliShanMao” An ambitious, talented person, a leader, driven by ambitions, creativity, persistence, and optimism to achieve success through hard work and self taught versatile skills set.

as Alishanmao, I am a simple tech vlogger, YouTuber, down to earth friendly man, a loving father, family man, and a visionary in the world of technology and innovation.

With a passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Alishanmao is proud to announce the upcoming launch of his new tech store. This store, curated by Alishanmao, is set to redefine the tech retail landscape.

I offer a vast and hard earned, successful experience in Drones, Technology, Electric Powered Flight, professional advanced flight training for Remotely Controlled Aircraft and Systems and Drones, and online social media marketing fields.

I am confident in my professional experience and creative abilities to manage and operate a successful Tech and Drone Ventures, and lead a team to successful completion of projects in time. I am a well known and one of the oldest YouTubers (Freelancer) with a big following around the world, and Fans Clubs, for my one of the Top Ten in the world RC, Aircraft, Drones and Tech YouTube Channel.

Over the course of 12+ years, I became an expert in drone building, flight testing, and flight training. I dedicated countless months to perfecting my craft, and my innovative techniques and creative approaches set me apart from others. In addition to my technical expertise, my natural leadership qualities enabled me to inspire and mentor others in the drone and Electric powered Flight industry.

I shared my knowledge and experience through instructional videos, training courses, one on one and group flight training for RPAS, and public speaking engagements. Through my passion for drones and aviation, I found a way to combine my talents and interests, and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

I shared my knowledge and experience through instructional videos, training courses, one on one and group flight training for RPAS, and public speaking engagements. Through my passion for drones and aviation, I found a way to combine my talents and interests, and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

My contributions to the academic development in China with my innovative ideas, dedication, and hard work earned me recognition from the Chinese government, honoring me with the highest achievement awards.

2016 – 2018 in Dubai UAE I started Sanad Academy with a Local Partner.

I designed Traditional and VTOL Flight Theory for Drone Operations and Flight Training

• Trained drone operators in UAE including Dubai Civil aviation Autority DCAA, MOD (Ministry of Defence), DEWA (Dubai Electric and Water Authority), Dubai Police, Dubai Customs, General Directorate of Foreign Affairs and Dubai Military.

• I built up drone flight training infrastructure for Academy

• During my work period Sanad Academy received high praise and ratings for Quality Drone Flight Training Courses from various Government and Commercial Entities in UAE including his highness Sheikh Hamdan.

I continue to inspire others through my work as a YouTuber, paramotor pilot, a drone and tech expert and as a father to my brilliant kids. My journey (Still going on) is a true testament to the power of grit and determination.

This site is also my own online store, where you can find my highly recommended and most trusted high tech products and get benefits from my vast experience, by hiring me for a wide array of my professional services I Offer.

From custom electric-powered flight equipment and cutting-edge drone tech to a diverse array of digital products, the store is a testament to Alishanmao’s commitment to providing enthusiasts with the latest in high-tech gear.

Get ready to embark on a journey into the future of technology at Alishanmao’s CreaTec store, where expertise meets innovation for a truly unparalleled shopping experience.”

here is a light that never goes out quotes

“In the realm of innovation, failure is not a defeat but a stepping stone towards unparalleled success. My vision is a testament to the belief that setbacks are not roadblocks but opportunities for growth.” AliShanMao

RPAS Training with Mr. Ali. A life time experience.

May 16, 2024

Training to fly a drone with Mr. Ali is one of the best experiences I had in my life. When I first joined, I did not even have the confidence to fly one. Throughout the few of days of Mr. Ali’s guidance I did not just gain confidence but also valuable knowledge and insights into the drone world. His friendly, simple, balanced and direct methods of teaching gets you immersed and mostly enjoying the whole time. Thank you Mr. Ali for your teachings and for being the friendly wondeful person you are.


Response from Welcome To Shop CreaTec

Thank you so much for your honest review. It was absolutely a joyful experience to train you and Mr. Marwan and both of you have shown rapid progress. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors and drone flights. Any time you need my help, just contact me and i will be more than happy to guide you. Best wishes.


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Latasha Ewan

Currently I am back at providing Professional RPAS and Drones Flight Training, Drone Testing and Certification, Drone Flights on demand, in United Arab Emirates. I am dedicated to providing the best flight training and best service experience, not just molding my trainees into safe and responsible RPAS pilots in UAE but also safely and responsibly providing drones and RPAS Flight testing and Flight services. My clients who have hired me for my services and my trainees who have been trained under my training, to fly Drones, and any other RPAS, please leave me your honest review, and feedback. It will mean a lot to me (Thank You) and lets enjoy our hobbies, our drones, our tech in safe and responsible manners. Please Leave your review below: