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An Esteemed Testimonial

We were honored to meet Sheikh Hazza Fazza, the renowned Acro Paramotor Pilot and Adventurer in the United Arab Emirates. Intrigued by my electric paramotor at the Jabal Yanas Paragliding Point in Ras Al Khaimah, Sheikh Hazza was immediately captivated and expressed his keen interest in testing it. It’s noteworthy that he had previously tested other electric paramotors, but after the initial ground thrust tests, he was genuinely amazed by the E-Glide V4S Electric Paramotor’s immense thrust, extreme lightweight, and advanced features. In this video, Sheikh Hazza speaks candidly and highly praises the E-Glide V4S, providing an esteemed testimonial that we deeply cherish.

About E-Glide Custom Electric Paramotors

Introducing E-Glide Electric Paramotors – a culmination of over 6 years of relentless dedication to perfecting the electric paramotor experience. As the driving force behind this project, I have meticulously tested and developed these paramotors to evolve them into a mature product that exceeds expectations.


Crafted with precision, each E-Glide Electric Paramotor is customized to suit individual preferences, accounting for factors such as weight, flying taste, and personal liking. Offering unparalleled power with instant torque, these paramotors redefine the aviation experience.

Lightest Most Powerful Electric Paramotor In Market

What sets E-Glide apart is not just its power, but its remarkable attributes – quiet operation, being the lightest in the world, devoid of smoke, and requiring no maintenance or tuning. In essence, E-Glide Electric Paramotors represent the safest and most cost-effective way to take flight.

Moreover, E-Glide Paramotors are fully upgradeable using DIY means, allowing enthusiasts to tailor their paramotor even further. Welcome to a new era of soaring possibilities with E-Glide Electric Paramotors.

Be Free in Skies

Transform your dream of Flight into breathtaking reality.

Spread your arms, Look at skies, feel the winds on your face, no more waiting, pick up your glider, gently squeeze the throttle and fly like a bird, be free in skies with

E-Glide V4S Electric Paramotor

Feel the surge of power as you gracefully lift off, guided by the whisper-quiet hum of cutting-edge technology. No more constraints, just the sheer joy of soaring through the heavens, liberated, and truly free.

Key Features

Key Stats and Features of E-Glide V4 Electric Paramotors


Lightest In the industry, only 18kg with 20 minutes Flight battery Pack


1 + Hour Flight Endurance with 22000mAh Battery Pack


Electric Clean Green Power, No Noise, NO Smoke


62kg of Crazy Thrust

Upgrade it

DIY Spirit, upgrade it as you like

Ready to Roll

Easy to build a Trike, no more running take off


Instant Torque

Conversion Kits

Kits to convert your existing gasser paramotors are available

THE Story Behind E-Glide Electric Paramotors

My Journey To Electric Powered Flight

Just like any kid, I always dreamt of soaring through the skies. In 2016, I embarked on the journey of paragliding, but I felt a deeper calling to explore more. The desire to be free to take flight from anywhere lingered in my mind. The obstacle, however, was the cost and complexity of traditional paramotors—too heavy, plagued with issues like engine tuning, fuel mixing, noise, smoke, and challenging maintenance.

Leveraging my expertise as a drone designer and builder, I sought a solution that aligned with my vision of clean, green, hassle-free flight with electric power.

In 2016, I designed my first twin-motor prototype, successfully taking it to the skies in the UAE. This marked the beginning of a journey to redefine personal flight experiences.

Continued Innovation and development

Committed to My Product

Throughout these years, I’ve been dedicated to enhancing my electric paramotor. Now, I proudly present the latest professional version—an electric paramotor that stands out as the lightest in its category (only 18kg with batteries) and the most powerful (62kg Thrust). It’s fully upgradeable and robust enough for tandem or trike flights.

But my journey doesn’t end here. Stay tuned for more innovations and developments in the future.

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Your Personal Machine To Fly Safely

Mansoor Ali

DIY Innovation Expert

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