Eco-Friendly Cooling: 3D Printed Curtain with Waste Grass Technology

Discover how to cool your home naturally with our 3D Printed Curtain that uses waste grass to cool down the air. Easy to print and assemble, this innovative curtain can be upgraded with a 12V small water pump for continuous water circulation for extra cooling of your room. It looks unique on windows and saves costs on air conditioning and electricity bills. Enjoy natural cooling with wet grass, which also removes odors with its sweet natural aroma. No more spending money to buy and install costly Air conditioning, no more maintenance, no more high electricity bills. Totally natural, and eco friendly, also helps recycling your waste grass from your yard or house backyards. This is definitely going to make a difference.

3D Printed Natural Cooling Grass Curtain © 2024 by Mansoor Ali is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0