RadioMaster TX16s EdgeTx Helicopter Models

Attention Customers: This product is available for download in digital format. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a secure link to access and download the files.

This Zip file contains all my tested RC Helicopter Model Files (.yml) for various RC Helicopters, including following:

3D RC Helicopters Model: You can easily use and tweak this model file to fly All 3D helicopters. These include Goosky S1, S2, RS4, RS7, M1, M2, EVO, M4, M7, Yuxiang Blackhawk (Non GPS version), Yuxiang F280, F180, F150, F120, Align 3d helicopters etc.

FW450 V3 Model: Using this Model file you can easily bind and fly all FlyWing GPS RC Helicopters using H1 flight controller. Remember to disable 3D Auto Flight modes and 3D Auto Invert modes in Assist program for scale models like FlyWing Bell 206, Huey UH1 etc.

Huey UH1 Model: you can use and tweak this model to fly Flywing H1 GPS Based Scale helicopters like Bell 206, Huey UH1, Airwolf Etc

ESKY E150 Model: Only for ESky E150 V2 helicopter. watch my tutorials first before using this file and setting your helicopter.

There is a separate BlackHawk 3D RC helicopter model as well for those who own that helicopter as a bonus.