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Specializing in designing and printing a wide array of 3D models, we offer 3d design and 3d print services to turn your imagination into real life model, for direct use or rapid prototyping purposes.


Imagination knows no bounds, and with our 3D printing and design services, you have the power to turn your ideas into reality. From concept to creation, we offer the best 3d design and 3d printing services in a budget. Whether you’re envisioning custom household items, precision RC model parts, or new prototypes for your business, we’re here to bring your vision to life with precision and expertise.  The possibilities are truly endless with our 3D printing and design services. We will bring your ideas to life. we work hand-in-hand to transform your ideas into real life objects.

Our Additional Services: We offer a diverse range of additional services, including custom household items, office items for enhanced functionality, rapid prototyping, extensive RC hobby parts, drone parts, vehicle and motorcycle customizations, and much more. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll start a consultation session to bring your idea to reality in no time at all.

Additional Services (These are just for reference, the possibilities of designing and 3d printing are endless):

  • Custom household items tailored to fit your living space.
  • Office items designed for enhanced functionality and organization.
  • Rapid prototyping of customer-designed products for quick development and testing.
  • Extensive range of parts for the radio control hobby, including RC airplanes, helicopters, vehicles, and boats.
  • Ability to create RC vehicle chassis, complete 3D printed RC boats, RC helicopter fuselages, and full-scale 3D printed RC airplanes.
  • Diverse selection of drone parts, frames, and custom designs to meet your specific needs.
  • Designing custom parts for vehicles and motorcycles, including body kit parts and accessories, to enhance performance and aesthetics.
  • And Much more. Just get in touch with us and we will start consultation session to bring your idea to reality in no time at all.

From intricate RC components to innovative vehicle modifications, our 3D printing services are equipped to bring your ideas to life with precision and expertise.


  1. Please note: Services charges differ from client to client and their needs of 3d design, 3d printing, the complexity of the idea, design, part, its material and time consumed designing and 3d printing it.
  2. The price for this service is service initiation and consultation price. After the consultation we will provide you a complete estimate for your required 3d design and 3d printed part, based on time, material and design. once you agree to carry on, we will begin the service and the initial service price will be adjusted in your final model price.
  3. I encourage you to Start the consultation today and lets bring your ideas to reality.
  4. If you already have a design that you need to get it printed, after purchasing this service, I will provide you an estimate of 3d printing based on your choice of material and quality. Upon full payment I will initiate the service and provide your printed model in given time frame.
  5. You are welcome to contact us for a free consultation as well using our contact form. or just drop us a message on whatsapp.

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