Air Cruiser Paramotor Frame with Universal Harness

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Experience the freedom of flight with our Air Cruiser Paramotor Frame and universal Air Seat harness!


Start your paramotoring hobby journey with our easiest to use, easy to put together Air Cruiser Paramotor Frame and Universal Harness!

Made with high-quality aluminum, this lightweight frame is suitable for paramotor pilots of all skill levels. Compatible with most paramotor engines, you can also opt for our electric paramotor power combo with minimal DIY efforts.

Assembling and disassembling this frame is a breeze, making it ideal for on-the-go adventures. Its compact design fits snugly in car boot areas for convenient transportation. Available in black and red colors, you can also put forward the request to customize the ring size to suit your propeller size or your height, by contacting us directly.

The Standard version can accommodate a 45-inch propeller, this durable frame ensures a smooth and stable flight experience. Paired with our comfortable Air Cruiser Frame Universal Harness, which features a folding seat for easy running and post-takeoff easy to sit and in flight sitting comfort, you’ll enjoy every moment of your paramotor flight in the sky. Harness also has soft cusions on the back and on shoulder straps for additional comfort during long flights.

Please note that the engine shown in the images is not included with your purchase. Your order includes the frame and Universal Harness only.

Experience the freedom of flight with our Air Cruiser Paramotor Frame today!

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