Handheld Drone Detection Drone and Pilot Locating System

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Stay one step ahead with our Drone Precision Locator – the ultimate tool for pinpointing drones and ensuring airspace security with ease!


Introducing our revolutionary Drone Precision Locator! This cutting-edge device instantly detects drones upon takeoff within its operational range, providing pinpoint accuracy on the exact location of both the drone and its pilot.

More Details:

  • Convenient Handheld Mobility: Experience the ease of use with our portable and ergonomic design, ensuring effortless operation in any scenario.
  • Precision Identification: Gain detailed insights into drone and pilot coordinates, along with crucial information such as drone model, frequency, speed, altitude, and flight path.
  • Lightweight and Eye-Catching: Our device is exceptionally lightweight and boasts a sleek design, making it both practical and visually appealing.
  • Long-Hour Battery Life: With a long-lasting battery, you can rely on continuous monitoring without the hassle of frequent recharging.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for drone monitoring across various scenarios, from residential areas to commercial spaces, ensuring comprehensive security measures.

Don’t compromise on safety and security. Invest in our Drone Precision Locator today and stay ahead of potential threats with unmatched precision and reliability.



  • Real-time drone and pilot location display
  • Identifies drone Serial number Code
  • Real-time display of fight path
  • Able to distinguish “friend” from “foe”, Black and While list
  • Navigation to help capture illegal pilots and drones
  • Detailed information assists drone incident threat assessment
  • 6.6-inch touch screen for easy operation
  • 4500mAh built-in battery for 4-hour running
  • 455g-weight for super easy to carry


Work mode Passive RF sensing
Frequency 2.4GHz、5.8GHz
Range 1-2km
Location error (varies due to environmentand drone model)
Swarm location ≤5m
Screen 5 concurrent
Dimension 6.67 inch
Wight 186mm*86mm*21mm
Work temperature ~510g


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