Auto Deploying Buoyancy Airbag for Drones

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Never lose a drone in water again. Q7 Buoyancy Airbag System is a reliable solution for your drones buoyancy.


Introducing our Q7 Buoyancy Airbag System with Fast Installation Design, a reliable solution for swift deployment in any situation. Featuring a double Velcro fast binding design, it ensures quick disassembly and secure positioning, even in the event of a single strap breakage.

With our Reuse Design, the Q7 buoyancy airbag system offers cost-effective sustainability. Simply replace consumables like gas cylinders and foam triggering cotton after use, enabling low-cost reuse and extended product life.

Experience enhanced safety with our Double Cylinder feature, providing 70% buoyancy even in the rare event of a single cylinder failure. With parallel dual cylinder design, reliability is doubled, ensuring peace of mind in every operation.

Our Q7 Buoyancy Airbag System isn’t just for drones—it’s designed for Human Machine Sharing. Whether on unmanned aerial vehicle platforms or providing safety for personnel working at heights in water areas, it offers versatile protection for all. Elevate your safety standards with Q7.

Quick Specs:

SIZE 121.5*62*41mm
MAX 7KG(freshwater)
FEATURE No electronic components
2-year maintenance free



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