E-Glide V4S 60kg Thrust Electric Paramotor Complete Set

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Be Free in Skies
Do not dream to fly any more. Spread your arms, Look at skies, feel the winds on your face, no more waiting, pick up your glider, gently squeeze the throttle and fly like a bird. With E-Glide V4S Electric Paramotor.  Feel the power as you lift off, hearing that sweet whisper-quiet hum of cutting-edge technology on your back. Be Free in Skies.


Introducing E-Glide Electric Paramotor – a culmination of over 6 years of relentless dedication to perfecting the electric paramotor experience. As the driving force behind this project, I have tirelessly tested and developed these paramotors to make them into a mature product that exceed expectations.

Craftmanship: Crafted with passion, each E-Glide Electric Paramotor is customized to suit individual preferences, accounting for factors such as weight, flying taste, and personal liking of our valued clients.  Thus each E-Glide Electric Paramotor offers immense power with instant torque, totallly redefining your aviation experience.

Lightest Most Powerful Electric Paramotor In Market: What sets E-Glide apart is not just its power and performance, but its remarkable attributes – quiet operation, being the lightest in the world, no smoke, no more dreaded engine sounds, and requiring no maintenance or tuning.

No need to wear bulky helmets and sound proofing your ears. In the air, when you cruise, E-Glide Electric paramotors hum in a sweet low sound creating a harmonious symphony. you can literally hear your phone ringing in the air if its in your pockets and use radios just normally to communicate with the ground crew.

NO more greasy fingers, no more precision oil mixing, no more tuning of engines and fiddling with carb settings, no smoke, no smell, no struggles to start the engine, and no fears of engine quitting in the air leaving you looking for emergeny landing spots.

In essence, E-Glide Electric Paramotors represent the safest and most cost-effective way to take flight. These are totally green energy.

Moreover, E-Glide Paramotors are fully upgradeable using DIY means, allowing enthusiasts to tailor their paramotor even further. We can provide you with upgrades like more power, easy conversion to trikes and tandem trikes.

Your Purchase Includes the following

Complete built Electric Paramotor with the following components:

  • 30kW New monster motor + High Voltage Controller + 45 inch Carbon Fiber Propeller
  • Wind Cruiser Black or Red Paramotor Frame.
  • Air Seat Universal Paramotor Harness
  • Welded Motor and battery box seat
  • Waterproof Wireless Throttle Radio
  • 3D printed RX Box
  • Custom HV Connectors
  • HV UBEC Regulator
  • Velcros and Accessories


Please note the following:

  1. Each paramotor is built custom for our clients and may vary in power and weight from pilot to pilot as we build these custom as per pilot weight, height and choice of flying style. Price mentioned here is for 60kg max thrust electric paramotor that suits most pilots from 55kg to 85kg weight class.
  2. For heavier pilots than 85kg, please contact us to get a customized quotation for custom built electric paramotor
  3. For Trikes lovers or those who can’t do running take off, we can provide custom electric trike builds as well. Contact us for more details.
  4. This purchase does not include glider, batteries, chargers and shipping. Please contact us if you need to purchase high quality flight packs. 30 minutes and 1 hour flight packs are available with professional chargers. we also make custom charging connectors and accessories. 
  5. For Shipping costs, we will contact you once your paramotor is ready to be shipped. and upon payment of shipping cost we will ship it out and provide tracking


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