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Experience the difference with  my professional drone services tailored to meet your needs.


Welcome to my professional drone services. I offer:

  • Custom drone build for my clients,

I specialize in crafting custom drones built to your specific needs and purposes. With every attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, I build custom drones that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether you’re seeking a high-performance racing drone or a heavy-lift aerial platform, to even fly a man in a manned drone or electric powered flight pack, my expertise in this area will ensure that your vision comes to life and takes flight.

  • Setup and flight testing services for my clients custom or purchased drones

I also offer professional services of setting up your new drone, and help you with Test flights of your new drones. With my vast experience in Drone building, flight testing, and flight training, I will make sure your drone setup and flight testing goes smooth without any mishaps. This service deliverable both online and on field.

  • Flight Training (basic, advance, and professional drone flight training services)

I offer Basic to advance to Professional drone flight training services to train you and or your company drone pilots to be the best and most responsible drone pilots. With my extensive drone flight and drone control experience, i will train you or your company drone pilots from basic, to advance and to professional drone flight control techniques and skills. Once they finish my drone flight training up to professional training, you or your company pilots will be skilled to control the drone and use all its features to perform the required tasks for your company in professional manners. Service deliverable both online and on field.

  • Drone Piloting for clients Drones

If your company has got a new drone, and or you have a project to use a drone, but you do not have any drone pilot, I offer my experienced drone piloting service to pilot and fly your drone to perform the tasks your company requires. Service Deliverable both online and on field.


  • Tailored Solutions: Whether its a custom-built drone you and your company needs, or you want to setup and flight test your drones, or get your pilots trained to by the best drone flight training specialist in UAE, or you just need professional drone piloting. I can offer Tailored solutions to you and your company.

Additional Benefits:

  • Agriculture drones: Providing unmatched performance of custom agriculture drones, offering affordable pricing in market and tailored solutions to clients, needs, I can build custom agriculture spraying, seeding and fumigation and crop dusting drones, from multirotors, to single rotor helicopter drones, twin rotor bi copter drones.
  • Manned Drone Expertise: Whether you’re envisioning a single-seater drone or flight packs, I have the knowledge and experience to turn your aerial dreams into reality.
  • Long Range Surveillance recon Mapping drones: I offer custom build, setup, flight training of long range fixed wing drones and vtols for upto 200km range.


Pricing mentioned of this service is our service initiation consultation price 

  • After you initiate the service, I will get in touch to schedule a consultation session with customer, to fully understand their task and custom drone requirements.
  • After the successful consultation, I will prepare and provide an estimate and time frame for the complete build of the custom drone.
  • Once the estimate is agreed and paid, we will start the required services.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact or start a free consultation session via email or whatsapp / phone. Use contact form

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