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Harness the power of my expansive and growing YouTube following! Elevate your product’s visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales through engaging short videos.


“Since 2021, the popularity of Shorts videos has been steadily increasing. YouTube Shorts now garners over 3.5 billion daily views, while TikTok remains a frontrunner with over 3 billion daily views. Notably, Instagram and Facebook Reels are also witnessing remarkable growth in viewership numbers. The creation of Shorts videos provides brands with an efficient means to expand their outreach, connecting them with a vast and engaged audience swiftly and effectively.”

Experience the power of my growing YouTube following! imporve your product’s visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales through my engaging short videos.

With a dedicated and active audience, I craft content that resonates with audience and stands out. From impactful shorts to detailed live shows, and even targeted Google Ads campaigns, I will maximize your brand’s impact together.

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Service Includes:

  1. Scripted Shorts Video Shooting and Creation
  2. Shorts Video Editing for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels (9:16 format)
  3. Uploading to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
  4. 7 days paid google ads campaign on YouTube Shorts (Subject to availability of Promotion)
  5. Video and Product links sharing on our social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter/X, Pinterest, Blogger, Mix, VK)


  1. Shorts will be posted on: ✨ YouTube Shorts on AliShanMao Channel boosting 325k followers and increasing
  2. TikTok Short and Douyin (Chinese Tiktok)
  3. Instagram Reel
  4. Facebook Reel (with Links)
  5. Linkedin
  6. Twitter/X


Service Process To DO:

Welcome to our exclusive Shorts Creation Service! Elevate your brand with captivating short videos tailored to your vision. Here’s a seamless process to bring your ideas to life:

  1. Registration and Subscription: Ensure a smooth start by registering or subscribing on our site to create your account. This step ensures a personalized experience throughout the service.
  2. Adding to Cart and Contact: When you add our Shorts Creation Service to your cart, leave your email for instant communication. We’re committed to reaching out promptly, discussing your requirements, and kickstarting the creative process.
  3. Content Submission: Provide either your unique ideas or existing content along with a copyright release document. Alternatively, share your product sample to initiate the Shorts Creation journey.
  4. Shorts Creation Timeframe: Upon receiving your product sample, we will craft your short video within a swift 7-day timeframe. We prioritize quality and efficiency to meet your expectations.
  5. Review and Revision: A sneak peek awaits you! We’ll upload the shorts video as unlisted for your one-time review. Enjoy one complimentary revision for any necessary adjustments. Additional revisions are available for purchase on our site.
  6. Publication on Your Terms: Once revisions are finalized, we respect your schedule. Choose a specific time and date, and we’ll make your shorts video public, ensuring maximum impact.
  7. Promotion and Community Engagement: We go beyond just creation. Your shorts video will be promoted on our Channel community page, reaching a wider audience. Harness the power of social media with our additional promotional services.
  8. Additional Services for Comprehensive Promotion: Explore our range of services for comprehensive social media promotion. From additional links to broader promotional strategies, we have you covered. Check out our services here for a tailored approach.



IMPORTANT NOTE: This service, once started, is non-refundable in any case whatsoever. Please review the service description carefully before initiating the process.

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