Handheld Anti Drone Defence All in One Drone Detection and Jammer

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Take control of your airspace with UH1 – the ultimate solution for detecting, jamming, and neutralizing those pesky drones. Safeguard your skies and maintain peace of mind knowing that you have the power to keep your environment safe and secure. Don’t let unauthorized drones disrupt your operations or compromise your safety – invest in UH1 today and take charge of your airspace. Protect what matters most and ensure uninterrupted operations with UH1. Your skies, your rules.”


Introducing UH1, a handheld device engineered for drone detection and neutralization. Harnessing cutting-edge radio sensing and jamming technologies, it swiftly identifies commercial drones, pinpoints their direction, locates both drones and pilots, and effectively jams drone signals. Equipped with a convenient screen, UH1 offers real-time display of drone information, ensuring optimal situational awareness.

UH1 operates independently offline or collaboratively with multiple devices, enabling comprehensive coverage of larger areas. Moreover, it seamlessly transmits its precise location back to a centralized management platform, facilitating seamless coordination and response.

Key Features:

  1. Integrated Detection and Neutralization: Seamlessly combines drone detection and signal jamming capabilities within a single device.
  2. Comprehensive Drone Compatibility: Detects DJI, Autel, FPV, WiFi, and homemade drone models, ensuring versatility in addressing diverse threats.
  3. Directional Detection: Intuitive graphical interface displays drone direction for enhanced tactical insights.
  4. Convenient Screen Display: Features a foldable screen for clear graphical representation of drone information, enhancing operational efficiency.
  5. Location Transmission: Capable of transmitting device location data to the centralized platform, facilitating swift response and coordination.
  6. Portability: Designed for ease of transportation, enabling seamless deployment for missions on the move.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in drone detection and neutralization with UH1 – your ultimate solution for safeguarding critical airspace.


Specifications ‒ Detection

Work mode: Radio frequency
Dronefrequency: 900MHz、1.4GHZ、2.4GHZ、5.8GHz
Range: 1 -1.5km(Varies due to environment and drone model)
Azimuth error: 20°(RMS)
Batteryrun time: ~6h

Specifications ‒ Neutralization

Work mode: Radio jamming
Target: Remote control and GNSS signal
Jamming frequency: 900MHz、1.5GHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz
Range: ~1km(Varies due to environment and drone model)
Batteryrun time: 30min


Dimension: L*W*H:(850mm*292mm*88mm)±5mm
Weight: ~5.5kg


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