Handheld 2.5km range UAV Drone Interception Drone Jammer Anti Drone System

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Take control of your airspace – the ultimate budget solution for jamming, and neutralizing those pesky drones. Safeguard your skies and maintain peace of mind knowing that you have the power to keep your environment safe and secure. Don’t let unauthorized drones disrupt your operations or compromise your safety


Introducing the TX8, a Handheld 2.5km range UAV Drone Interception Drone Jammer Anti Drone System. TX8 is your ultimate solution in budget to disrupt drone signals, jam transmissions, and compel drones to land or retreat effectively within a range of approximately 2000-2500 meters.


Key Features:

  1. Shielded Output High Power: Delivering an impressive 180W output for robust interference.
  2. Long-Distance Reach: Covering distances of approximately 2000-2500 meters for extensive coverage.
  3. Multi-Band Countermeasures: Equipped with an 8-channel system to effectively counter various drone models.
  4. Highly Integrated Shielding Module: Ensuring stable output and precise countermeasures for optimal performance.
  5. Portable and Lightweight: Weighing just 5.4KG, it offers convenient mobility for rapid deployment.
  6. Replaceable Battery: Enjoy extended operation with a battery life of up to 90 minutes for continuous protection.
  7. LCD Screen Display: Monitor remaining battery and voltage levels effortlessly for enhanced operational awareness.
  8. Unique Heat Dissipation Structure: Engineered for optimal cooling and sustained performance in various conditions.
  9. Waterproof, Insulated, and Fall Resistant: Built to withstand harsh environments and ensure reliability in all situations.



  • Government Departments: Enhance security in prisons, courts, police stations, and law enforcement agencies.
  • Infrastructure: Protect critical sites such as gas stations, oil depots, airports, and security installations.
  • Public Facilities: Safeguard sports venues, important events, and public gatherings.
  • Transportation Equipment: Secure sea terminals, yachts, and other transportation facilities.
  • Institutions: Ensure safety in detention centers, schools, libraries, and hospitals.
  • Private Residences: Protect private properties, including villas and estates, from unauthorized drone activity.

Empower your security protocols with the TX8, providing comprehensive protection against the increasing threat of drone intrusion. Defend critical infrastructure, public spaces, and private domains with confidence and efficiency.



Model TX8(1 battery)
Size 780*302*165mm
Weight 5.4 KG
Block frequency band parameters CH1: 410-485 MHz ( 433 MHz)  10-15W
CH2: 840-920 MHz ( 900MHz)   10-15W
CH3: 1100-1280 MHz ( 1.2 GHz) 10-15W
CH4: 1559-1620 MHz (1.5 GHz)  40W
CH5: 2400-2500 MHz (2.4 GHz)  40W -50W
CH6: 2400-2500 MHz (2.4 GHz)    40W -50W
CH7: 5150-5350 MHz (2.4 GHz)  30W
CH8: 5725-5850 MHz ( 5.8 GHz) 30W
Total power 180W
Shielding distance 2000-2500m
Input power supply AC100-240V-DC24V
Battery charging time 4h
Battery parameters 24V 15A ( External batteries can provide )
Battery life 40-50 Mins
Operation temperature -22℃ ~ +65℃
Relative humidity 35~85%


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